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Eddy Current Array (ECA) Theory, Working and Benefits

by Ishita Kapoor on September 8, 2018

Eddy current array (ECA) is a form of non-destructive testing technology which is capable of driving various eddy current coils placed next to each other in a probe assembly. Each coil generates a signal, the strength of which depends on the amplitude and the phase of the object the probe is placed over.
The generated signal can be measured and the date can thus be recorded. Through ECA inspections, most of traditional eddy current flaw detection methods can be re-created. Additionally, ECA technology comes with excellent advantages, saving time and boosting enhanced inspection capabilities.

How it Works

ECA is a sequence of single elements arranged in a row, which enables users to cover a vast area in a single pass than conventional, single-coil probes. However, this could result to substandard results. So, ECA probes use multiplexing.
Multiplexing requires activating and deactivating coils in particular sequences supporting the width of the probe. Additionally, Multiplexing minimizes the intrusion between coils in close proximity and magnifies the resolution of the probe.
When using ECT pencil probes, ECA probes eliminate the raster scanning necessary, leaving a powerful impact on inspection speeds.


ECA provides a number of benefits, making inspection simpler for hard-to-reach areas. It is a major improvement over single-element ECT because of the following reasons:

  • It helps in quicker inspections
  • Is less operator dependent
  • Scans a wider coverage while maintaining a high resolution 
  • It possesses better detection capabilities
  • Has simpler analysis because of easy scan patterns
  • Provides enhanced sizing and positioning because of encoded data

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Ishita KapoorEddy Current Array (ECA) Theory, Working and Benefits