Work At Heights

IRC also offers ‘Work at Height’ capabilities through its new venture – Mekanchi Global Private Limited, which works across various industries offering Rope Access, Crawlers and Drone Services to complete any type of job at Heights or critical access areas. You can visit the website here –

The Mekanchi Advantage

  1. Harness the power of latest technology with highest levels of accuracies
  2. Team of consultants, engineers and technicians are well trained and hold a state of art expertise in respective fields
  3. Opt for a holistic approach to solve the problems by creating an efficient ecosystem
  4. Cross-functional integrated industrial service teams with multi-ticketed members
  5. Turnkey integrity solutions for the full asset lifecycle
  6. We endeavor to get repeat business from clients only by providing sterling services

Code of Ethics – At Mekanchi, we understand that the practices opted by the management are passed on to the whole team and hence to the results of the work done by the company. We inculcate values, honor and integrity to each piece of work done handled by us and hence, we are proud to say that we adhere to create our market reputation and good standings in the industry. Impartiality on basis of any grounds is not accepted at our institution.

Rope access advantage

Mekanchi has a self energized team been an expert in delivering rope access services for more than twenty years. Rope access delivery ensures monthly savings of millions of dollars viz-a-viz other alternatives. We have developed an expertise to provide solutions in difficult to access areas and at great heights with highest levels of safety, lowest possible cost and time.

Our rope access methods adhere to regulatory compliances to ensure safety and are recognized as safer than alternatives such as lifts and scaffoldings.

The Drone Advantage

Drone inspection makes it possible to access areas in a fast and safe way, areas that otherwise may pose health, safety and environmental risks.Aerial inspections can be applied anywhere outdoor, indoor and offshore. Any limitations from national or local regulation must be taken into account. Furthermore, any safety procedures of the facility owner must be complied with.

Dimensional Inspection Advantage

We provide 3D dimensional inspection services to our clients using highly precise and accurate 3D spatial Scanning equipment. Such application is used to recreate plant models in Realtime scenario which can be later analyzed on computer to understand any structural deformation in the plant during operations.

Advanced NDT Advantage

In general terms, advanced instrumentation can, in the right hands, provide more accurate and reliable inspection data with an improved PoD. The data is more recordable and more repeatable. Advanced technologies such as Phased Array Ultrasound (PAUT) or Eddy Current Array (ECA) provide more intuitive displays, better ways of presenting data and generate inspection reports of higher value to clients. With our updated set of machines and equipment, we endeavor to provide the best in class NDT services to our clients, including conventional NDT Services.

Specialized Engineering Consultancy Advantage

Mekanchi offer wide range of Specialized engineering consultations (SECs), primarily related to Power plants. In this Vertical, Our objective is to render complete specialized services to the power sector covering all aspects of planning, engineering, procurement, project management, construction & commissioning supervision as well as operation & maintenance.These projects are executed either on an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) basis or on a Non-EPC basis. This requires preparation of well defined specifications and a great amount of coordination between many vendors and contractors to ensure smooth execution of the project within the targeted schedule and budgeted cost. We can offer our clients with specialized methodology to streamline such large scale projects so as to remove unwanted roadblocks or bottlenecks in such procedures.

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