Residual Life Assessment of Civil Structure and Foundations

IRC Engineering has now ventured into this new field of Civil Testing of Structures and Foundations. All civil engineering structures are initially designed depending on certain design criteria, such as design loads, allowable stresses etc. But, damage due to an extreme event is always possible in a structure during its design life. Sometimes, undetected and un-repaired damage may lead to structural failure demanding costly repair and a huge loss of lives. Therefore, the problem of maintenance and repair of existing engineering structures involves damage detection at an early stage. For massive structures like bridges, dams, flyover, ROB, RUB, chemical plants, thermal & nuclear plants, etc that were constructed some 20 – 40 years ago, it is necessary to test its functionality under the present load situation and quantify damage if any. Since it involves huge expenditure to demolish and reconstruct them, it is important to valuate the residual life- RLA of these structures.

IRC has been considered one most renowned firms providing NDT of concrete structures, which is a basis for the evaluation of Residual Life Assessment/ Remnant Life Analysis- RLA Studies. We use many methods which are traditionally used for flaw characterization and measurement of residual stress. Combining these inputs many parameters, including mechanical properties, factor of safety in design, conservative operation of unit, inaccuracy in data extrapolation, overestimation of corrosion effects etc, would be assessed.

IRC has done several jobs relating to structural test in a very short span of time in the Northern and Southern part of the country. IRC is looking forward to be the pioneers in this industry as well like its presence in Mechanical Testing. We shall look forward for your requirements in the future.

ircenggResidual Life Assessment of Civil Structure and Foundations