Fitness for Service As Per API 579

IRC has been involved in the services for Residual Life Assessment since 2000. Our expertise in Residual Life Assessment has helped us in entering into the business of Fitness For service as per API 579. American Petroleum Institute has laid down certain guidelines for the assessment for the Energy Sector.

To carry out Fitness For Service Assessment 3 Levels of Assessment are carried out. IRC is fully equipped with specialised manpower as well as softwares to carry out such kind of assessment .

Fitness For Service assessment is the need of the hour as a lot of Pipelines , Critical pipings , Drums etc have been old and corroded. No measure is taken to inspect them properly so as to assess its life. As we can observe in real life examples like GAIL PIPELINE GAS FIRE, RAJAMUNDHARY , SAIL BHILAI PIPING EXPLOSION, the need of such inspections is increased. IRC has recently procured certain U.K Based Softwares which help in assessing the life of Defect. IRC shall carry out Inspection Using its ADVANCED NDT SOLUTIONS and the softwares with the in-house experienced corrosion specialist.

It will be our pleasure if we are able to answer some of your questions regarding the technology that we may use. We are very much certain that we will be able to create value for our customers through our High-Tech Services.

ircenggFitness for Service As Per API 579