Chemical Cleaning of Boiler, Heat Exchanger, and Pipelines

IRC is carrying out Chemical Cleaning services by the name of its sister concern company RA CHEMTECH PVT. LTD. Till date we have carried out cleaning for units upto 660 MW capacity . We have carried out cleaning of boilers using Citric Acid, HCL and EDTA as major chemicals. In case of Condensers we have used majorly Sulphamic acid as a cleaning agent, and have got Repeat Orders from clients like NTPC,RVUNL etc.. We have carried out Acid Pickling and cleaning of Pipings.

At Present ,RAC has procured lot of material such as pump, motor ,pipings, valves and tanks to make cleaning activity successful. We can carry out a minimum of 3 Chemical Cleaningsof Boiler and 2 Chemical Cleaning of Condensers at a time. Our pump and motors have been procured recently so issues like wear and tear at site donot take place. Also, we are regularly getting the maintainance done for our Pump and Motor after each site to maintain the reliability of our equipments.

Our main motto is to be able to make our client equipment deposit free. To achieve it we are fully committed to provide a safe, leakage free cleaning process.

ircenggChemical Cleaning of Boiler, Heat Exchanger, and Pipelines