Boiler and Turbine Maintenance

IRC Engineering due to its Power Plant expertise has now also entered into Boiler and Turbine Maintenance Services. IRC has been accredited by Uttar Pradesh Boiler Board as a special class repairer of Boiler and now can carry out jobs for EPC and Maintenance of Super –Critical Boilers.

We have approved IBR welders , welding machines and various other equipments required for these maintenance activities. We have carried out these jobs for Boilers in Gail Pata, IFFCO Aonla and TATA Chemicals, Babrala. These jobs included Erection of Scaffolding material, Removal and fixing of Insulation, Tube Cutting and Welding and the job was completed after successful completion of Hydrotest.

IRC has people retired from NTPC who have carried out such services under their supervision and knows the importance of timely deliverance of our activities. We shall be happy to assist you if there are any queries.

ircenggBoiler and Turbine Maintenance